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Ouzo Giannatsis Retro 45%vol 24X50ml

  • 60.72€

The traditional recipe of Dimitris Giannatsis, withstood the ravages of time and following a route of almost a century is even more updated in our days.

It is an Excellent quality product, for the following reasons:

perfectly balanced when tasting

sweet without sugar or other sweeteners

naturally flavored with aromatic herbs from the land of LESVOS

diluted only with the unique water from the fountains of Plomari

this excellent product with all the above characteristics comes straight from the stills in your glass.

"that's the taste of ouzo...» commented an elderly man at a Cafe in Polichnitos of Lesvos, savoring another gulp from his glass.

The New handmade Retro packaging wanted to differentiate significantly from other packages on the shelf or the shop window with a hint of originality and elegance.

The original idea was born from the memories of immigration after the first world war and the civil war, that means sixty years ago- in the, early 1950s. Then the economic situation of Greece was awful. Poverty ruled the cities and the countryside.

The Greeks-being cut off-struggled desperately to bear the economic burden but in vain. Quickly Greek people saw that there was no other solution but to immigrate again. A lot of Greek people immigrated to nearby European Countries which had development like Australia, South Africa and USA The Greek people made a great fortune.

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