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... our point of view,

It seems really oxymoronic that modern digital tools such as digital marketing, eshop, social media are the best way to promote and market small-scale products, traditional local products and home-made products. But it is a reality that digital technology is opening up new avenues and helping even the smallest business to reach out to the global buying public.

...Our goal,

Our almost 20 years of experience in the sale of Greek traditional products does not make us young in the field, but the ability to include new people in our team leads us to the modern era. Somehow we created addGreece, an online store where modern people can meet, receive information and buy traditional Greek products.

... our way,

through an easy-to-use and simplified environment 24 hours a day, from the comfort and safety of his "sofa" the visitor can in a minimum time and effortlessly choose products that he will then receive quickly and reliably with the minimum possible charge.

... we want to get better,

do not hesitate to contact us to comment on your experience with our store, to express your suggestions and complaints. We are committed to listening to you kindly and doing everything we can to enhance your shopping experience.

George & Phoebus Papageorgiou

Creators of addGreece

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